Social Media Management Campaigns

Almost 90% of adults use social media to seek and share healthcare information. In Australia, 20.5 million people are on social media. The benefits of it are endless and open up incredible new opportunities for your practice to reach more patients.

Social media can be used to raise public awareness about new health concerns, reminding followers about common health practises, answering common questions, allowing two-way communication and creating patient engagement.

By sharing informative and educational content, you can create stronger relationships with your patients. This will lead to a more positive patient experience, resulting in a greater reputation for your medical practice. Ultimately, this is how you will gain more patients.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads will drive traffic to your practice, getting potential patients to jump on your website and choose your practice over a competitor. But, we don’t just increase your traffic. We can increase your actual conversions by up to 26 times – in one day!

What do I mean by that? Let’s do an example together:

The average conversion rate for healthcare providers is 11% (which is very high compared to other industries – you’re lucky!). On Tuesdays, the average conversion rate is more than double: 22.5%.

Say you run a Google Ad for $20 on a Tuesday and 500 people see your ad. Out of these 500 people, 110 will visit your website. Out of these 110 people, 12 will book an appointment with you. And with an average out of pocket cost of $43.25 for a standard consultation, you have just made $520 – doing almost nothing! This Google Ad just multiplied your online conversions by 26 times!!