The process is incredibly simple when it comes to providing medical centres with completely free appointment cards:

For Medical Centres:

After your sponsorship is sourced, we assign you to a designer who can tailor your card cover to suit your needs. Simply make sure to hand your cards to patients and when stock is low, you can request a free reprint!

For Small Businesses:

You can supply us with your own print-ready artwork, or work with a skilled team of graphic designers to create a stunning new feature with our help and recommendations for the best results. When the medical centre orders a reprint, you also have the opportunity to update your feature over time.

What benefits you?

Personalised design

Our highly experienced graphic design team is at your service to design your cards.

Free of charge

We source sponsorship to cover the cost of producing your cards, so you never pay a cent.

Support local business

Feature your preferred local businesses on your cards and support your community.

Unlimited supply

Reorder this high quality product at any time, free of charge.

High quality cards

We provide an excellent product, printed on quality paper.

Hassle free

Medical Together offer a complete service.

Order your free appointment cards today.

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