Medical Together services terms

Medical Together will provide the medical centre with a professional website with up to date information regarding the medical centre’s services, staff and contact details. The site will include click-to-call buttons, booking integration and contact forms if requested.

The website provided will be mobile and tablet responsive and optimised for search engines.


The Website 

Will utilise an SSL certificate to ensure the website is secure and had a better chance of ranking in Google.

The site will contain banners promoting local businesses who have chosen to sponsor the medical centre. We will provide the sponsors with information regarding:

  • level of traffic on the medical centre website
  • the number of impressions the sponsored banner has received
  • the number of clicks the sponsored banner has received.


Medical Centre Responsibility

The medical centre will use the provided website as the primary website for the medical centre and will direct traffic to the website where appropriate for a minimum duration of 2 years from contract date.


Medical Together Responsibility

Medical Together will ensure the hosting and SSL certificate is maintained at Medical Together’s expense and ensure the site is up to date.

Our team will work to ensure that the website that is developed represents the brand and identity of the medical centre.


Medical Together agrees that the website will supply the sponsored mediums outlined to the client in addition to the additional terms and conditions;

  1. Whereby Medical Together is unable to sponsor the appointment cards Medical Together reserves the right not to proceed to print until sufficient sponsorship is gained.
  2. Whereby Medical Together is unable to obtain sponsorship of the website the medical centre agrees to pay a small one off fee of $599.00+gst to cover development costs plus ongoing website hosting costs of $220.00+gst per year.


Ownership of the website and its assets remain that of Medical Together. The medical centre domain name remains the property of the Medical Centre. Should the medical centre decide to end the sponsorship arrangement after the 2 year cycle, they have the option to purchase the website for a fee of $1500.00+gst.



Medical Together will not share specific private information regarding the  website with 3rd parties with the exception of reporting total traffic through the website with sponsors and reporting the click rates on their sponsored features.



The medical centre must provide 60 days notice prior to the cancellation of their website service, a minimum 2 year commitment is required in order to provide value to the website sponsors.



The medical centre must utilise the website provided as their primary website and refer to only this website when referencing their website.



Medical Together will provide the medical centre with access to the CMS allowing them to make updates to the content of the website. The medical centre must not remove the sponsored features from the website. Medical Together will provide updates to the website upon request. In the case where these updates or additional features incur a fee, the medical centre will be advised in advance.