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Medical Together OnPoint Features

Reduce administration staff time and increase customer experience with Medical Together OnPoint.

Our All in One medical centre appointment solution has your medical centre covered. 24/7 support and easy to use design and implementation.

Online Appointment Booking

Patients can view, book and update their appointments directly through your medical website.


Appointment Reminders & Confirmations

Increase your patient attendance and reduce administration time with automated SMS or email appointment reminders.

New Patient Registrations

Patients can fill out or update their new patient registration forms from their phone, desktop or in clinic kiosk.

Medical Centre Websites

Professionally built websites allow your clinic to present themselves professionally online. It is more important than ever that every business has a website.


Patients can view, book and update their appointments directly through your medical website.


Prescription & Referral Renewals

Patients can request renewals online without calling administrative staff.

Mobile Application

To make life even easier we have a mobile app for patients. Your clinic will be able to send push notifications to registered patients on the app.

Clinic Kiosks

Patients can check-in and complete new patient registrations on our check-in kiosks.

Australia’s Multiplatform Reminder Systems

Medical Together systems have been developed to make appointment booking and appointment reminders a breeze.

Medical Together already work with thousands of medical centres throughout Australia and have been an industry leader since 2008.

We value your time, Your patients should value your time too.

It’s no secret that missed appointments are a source of frustration for every practice. From the wasted preparation time to lost revenue, a no-show can throw off the flow of your practice. While not every no-show can be eliminated, there are effective ways to reduce the number of no-shows in your practice. Ensuring that your patients are attending in time and not missing appointments keeps your medical centre running smoothly and reduces lost revenue.

Medical Together help our clients with one or more of the following services ensuring that your patients won’t forget their appointment time, resulting in a better doctor-patient relationship.

Our multiplatform appointment reminder systems not only avoid missed appointments but also assist with freeing up administration staffs time, allowing them to address other important tasks.

Being able to offer flexible methods of appointment reminders allows your patients to have a choice that relates to how they organise their everyday lives.

Medical Together can offer the following:

  1. Appointment Reminder Cards
  2. Online Booking Reminder with Text Message Prompt
  3. Smart Phone App – Push notifications
  4. Email Reminder and Marketing Strategies

Would one or more of these options work for your doctor-patient relationships!

Call Now to discuss our hassle-free set up today!

Call Now to discuss our hassle-free set up today!