Medical Together Free Doctor Appointment Cards

Medical Centres

High Quality Professional Folders

Incredible Features And Benefits That You Will Love

Your appointment cards come with many features that set us apart from our competitors. We listen to our customers on a regular basis to make sure we are providing the best possible product.

Professional Design Services

Personalised Design

A highly experienced graphic design team at your service to design your cards.

Free of charge

Completely Free of Charge

We source sponsorship to cover the cost of producing your cards so you never pay a cent.

Support Local Businesses

Feature your preferred local businesses on your cards and support your community.

Unlimited Supply of Cards

Reorder this high quality product at any time — free of charge.

High Quality Cards

We provide an excellent product, printed on quality paper.

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

Medical Together offer a complete service.

Advertising Process


1. Secure Sponsorship

Sponsors cover the cost of the production of the cards


2. Appointment Cards Designed

A highly experienced team of designers create your cards


3. Cards Sent to Print

Cards printed on high quality stock


4. Cards Delivered to your Door

Free cards arrive