About Medical Together

Connecting practices with their local community.

Medical Together was established in 2006 as a community printing company providing personalised appointment cards to thousands of practices across Australia and New Zealand, saving hundreds of missed appointment times, each and every day.

We provide a unique and one of a kind service, combining various offerings to reduce your administration time and increase the quality of communication between your practice and the local community.

It is our promise to provide an unlimited supply of personalised appointment cards, completely free of charge to practices. The cards are user-friendly, not only for the doctors and staff, but also for the patients of each practice. Additionally, we offer multi-platform booking options, through websites and apps.

We work closely with practice staff who utilise our services to refine our products so they can communicate with their patients on a personal level. We also ensure we receive full input from practices regarding any sponsorship they would prefer to have featured on their assets.


Call now to discuss our hassle-free set up today!

Call now to discuss our hassle-free set up today!